As a small business owner and a mother to four kids, a dog, and several chickens, I like to stay active. Earlier in my life I was a competitive swimmer, and while I still enjoy swimming, I also love running, cycling, hiking, and pilates. Because of my passion for exercise, I’m no stranger when it comes to sweat and bringing the heat. But when I started experiencing severe hot flashes two years ago, I knew something wasn’t right.

After getting my period at the age of 16, I’ve always had painful menstrual cycles. From age 16 to 45, I grew accustomed to heavy and painful periods. No matter what I tried, they never became less painful. By the time I reached my mid-forties, I decided to take my OB-GYN’s advice and go on the pill to alleviate my symptoms. But it didn’t work. Instead, I suffered side effects that altered my mood and for the first time in my life I experienced suicidal thoughts. Realizing the pill wasn’t the right fit for me, I went off it and returned to dealing with my painful and heavy cycles.

When I stopped having my period and started experiencing severe hot flashes, I felt like I had been dealt the rotten end of both sticks. I went from painful menstruation to painful menopause—with little to no respite in between.

Soon enough, the hot flashes interfered with my sleep. I lost my mother to Alzheimer’s in 2015. Having read some studies that linked insufficient sleep with an increased risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s, I was afraid that my lack of sleep due to hot flashes would impact my health, and possibly increase my chances of getting Alzheimer’s too.

Connecting with Evernow

I discovered Evernow on my social media feed and it felt like divine, technological intervention.

Earlier, I had run into a friend who had recently begun hormone therapy (HT). I complimented her on how happy, youthful, and stress-free she appeared. She told me that she was on HT and how effective it was at treating her menopause symptoms. As a doctor herself, she cautioned me on how expensive treatment could be. But with my hot flashes impacting my sleep and quality of life, I was ready to pay whatever I had to pay, so that I could receive treatment that could finally bring me relief.

When I finally connected with her specialist, they conducted a long, extensive phone interview, after which they said they could schedule an appointment for me in six weeks. I was frustrated and unsure how another six weeks of hot flashes and insomnia would affect my health.

So when Evernow popped up on my Instagram feed, it felt like a miracle. But I still had some reservations about how my body would react to HT, given my history of side effects with hormonal birth control. Then, Elizabeth, the Director of Patient Care Services, reached out to answer my questions. She explained how the hormones used in HT today are bioidentical and much safer than the kind used over ten years ago. She gave me her cell number and said I could reach out to her whenever I needed to. I was touched and relieved—I couldn’t wait to get started to find relief from my symptoms.

Starting treatment

I joined Evernow nearly two years ago and was amazed at how easily the process unfolded. From the get-go I had private, direct communications with their medical staff, who asked me questions like: “What are your symptoms?”, “How old are you?”, “How long have you not had a period,” etc. It was as simple as chatting with my friends on Facebook or Instagram, but I was actually speaking with medical experts.

Soon after I signed up, my doctor prescribed me the estrogen patch and the progesterone pill. It was great to know that not all HT treatments were the same—I was being prescribed a unique combination and dose that my doctor thought was right for me. Plus, they would continue to monitor me and my symptoms throughout treatment.

Where I’m at today

After just three weeks of treatment, my symptoms were gone. Nearly two years later, I’m still symptom free. I finally feel like myself again. What’s more, I feel like my Evernow doctor is truly looking out for me and wants me to live my best life. I feel like I’ve found a friend, as well as a smart and capable doctor.

In addition to finding relief from my hot flashes, I have more energy and am sleeping much better. And with that, every other aspect of my life has improved, including my cognition and memory.

I’m incredibly grateful to Evernow for giving me freedom from my menopause symptoms. And I’m glad that I didn’t hesitate when it came to finding relief—because now, for the first time in my life, I’m living pain free.

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