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    Does my Evernow provider replace my OBGYN?

    Every Evernow member is matched with a board-certified OBGYN or nurse practitioner. Each provider is licensed in the patient’s home state, and all our providers live and practice in the United States. Evernow OBGYNs are board-certified and our nurse practitioners have extensive training and oversight from our OBGYNs.

    Menopause can be diagnosed or treated via online care and does not require the care of a local in-person OBGYN. Many members find that treating menopause through Evernow gives them greater access to an OBGYN or nurse practitioner who is dedicated to their symptoms. What's more, most insurance plans do not cover menopause treatment, and so Evernow is an affordable option for any woman seeking menopause treatment - regardless if she has insurance.

    It’s important that you inform your Evernow provider of your complete health and medical history and if you are currently being treated for any issues related to menopause. In some cases, your Evernow provider may recommend you see a local OBGYN before beginning treatment with Evernow. If you are already being cared for by a local OBGYN, your Evernow treatment can either complement or replace the menopause care that you are receiving.