Symptom Guide: Vaginal Dryness

Vaginal dryness is pretty much what it sounds like - feeling not well lubricated, itchy and irritated, and even “too tight.” It can make sex anything from uncomfortable to extermely painful.

Infinity Mirror

Andrea Eisenberg, MD - 6/5/2019
With menopause, what comes to mind for me are infinity mirrors you see at fun houses. They’re the ones that show you reflections of yourself receding into infinity.

The Truth About Your Post-Menopausal Body

Sheryl Kraft - 5/25/2019
Going through menopause means a lot of things to a lot of women. While many parts of the “transition” are individual (for instance, my sister suffered nary a hot flash while I was continually bathed in sweat), one universal truth is this: our bodies change.

How Menopause Messes With Your Sleep

Sheryl Kraft - 5/10/2019
The hormonal, physical and psychological ramifications of menopause are not just limited to things like hot flashes, mood disorders and weight gain. They're lurking in the evening hours, too, when all you want to do is sleep.

Menopause and Vaginal Dryness

Sheryl Kraft - 4/30/2019
Why not get right to the point? Menopause brings many changes, with one of the peskiest being the way your vagina feels, including itchiness, dryness, irritation (even bleeding) and trouble with intercourse.